Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So it has been a while...and I will be honest in saying that I have not been loyal to this blog at I shall add in a treat..some fresh sketches that I've done~ Le yay~
aha....I really hope that you enjoy. I've been in a bit of an art rut since my portfolio...i kind of just wanna sleep all the time...but thats's some new stuff to see~


So the FYI is, I've been trying to work with my writer for a while on our project. Years upon years of discussion and progress and plot changes, I think we finally have a really amazing idea in hand. So here it goes. I'm really excited to try and get it started.

Avast~ here are some of my Greek gods (and goddess) for the story. They're kinda important...and they wear no clothes cuz i got lazy....but I think they're a pretty cool modern take. There isn't so much i can say just yet...but here is some colored work from me. Personally my favorite Greek god is Hermes. He just loves to cause all kinds of trouble, and I love that about him.

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