Sunday, 28 April 2013

Off to a Far Away Land~

Well well Followers~

Though I haven't been posting so often here is a time to tell you that I shall be out of the country for 17 days and will not be posting.

Chip chip and what not~

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Little Wabbit

Hello Hello people who look at my work~

I've been a little lax with updating things....but since summer is coming up, I'll have more time~ I'm still always doodling always creating work... and still being me~

Here's my final sculpture project, hopefully it will tide you over for a little while~!

I learned a lot from doing this project...about myself and about my life... and so... it was really to put my heart and soul into it. A lot of people have told me its a little bit twisted actually, that someone like me would make someone like this....but I dunno it just worked~

We had to have a personal meaning for this. Its a statement about childhood, and I made it black and white to make it nostalgic.... like an old grainy movie.

When we get older, those times that we had as a kid.... well...they fade. When we get older, everything but the present gets fuzzy and recedes into the background...and in essence we kind of choose to tear them apart, and they die. We used to live and breathe in things like stuffed animals or action figures....or "silly" things like that but in the end they come to this.

I suppose I made it so I could remind myself that I never want to be like that. Ever.


More updates to come~


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WIP, and Multi Media Things~

 Heyo again~ This is the most updates that I've done in a while~ I just deicded to clear out some of my memory card and lo and behold some art work popped up~

This was a birthday gift for my fellow artist GREEN or Krista. I had just seen Wreck it Ralph and she had been telling me about just how much she loved it, so I did my best to Make her a plushie of herself in Sugar Rush. Her candy is the green and white gummy frogs~


These are some cards that I designed for my best friends at Christmas. I wanted to go for a goddess like feel, something elegant and pretty and this is what I ended up making. Each of their powers is a component of winter and they each come with a legend that I personally wrote.

A while ago, I did a commission for a poster for a wedding anniversary of this couple who owns a little Italian place called Mondello's in Streetsville. They ended up framing it and hanging it right in the bar. I was so excited when I got a chance to see work was good enough to be framed. I felt so proud. They use it now as their icon for their social media as well~ How amazing~

Dragon WIP
I decided I wanted a pet baby dragon so here is me working on him so far~

Obligatory Portfolio Post~ (plus some bliter blather)

Well I know that this has been long awaited and what least by some people who didn't get to see it but here it is~ my portfolio that got me into the illustrious Animation program at Sheridan College.

Life Drawings:

Animal Drawings:
I used to hate monkeys until I came across this particular one in the Philippines. She was in a cage with her mate, and I showed her that I was drawing her. She looked puzzled for a moment, but from then on, every time she saw me, or saw me pull out the sketchbook, she would resume the same pose. That a sweetheart~

Hand Drawings:
While I was drawing hands for practice, and asking for advice, people used to say "you know hands don't do that." Or "Your hand is missing this" and they would proceed to show me their hand...however when I showed them my hand doing the same seemed that things were missing. I was then told "Don't use your own hand as a model..." And to this I pondered the structure of my hand.

Character Rotation: Gosei the Fighting Spirit
This character this year meant so much to me. I was glad that I had him on my side. its not the strongest rotation, and I had a few troubles and tribulations...but I think that he turned out to be better than I expected.


Action Poses:
As Gosei is a fighter I tried for reaaally dynamic poses. The running one is my favorite, however the one with the bo staff is taken from the form of martial arts that Gosei in my head performs: Yin Shou Gun.


I actually was really intimidated this year with storyboards, but I did the best that I could. In the end I think my effort paid off, out of all my scores, this was the highest section. I had so much fun playing with these two characters~ They just looked like they belonged together~

Object Drawings:
Layout was just one of those sections... I was so scared of everything that I did and how it would turn out... perspective has always been a fear of mine... since I never felt like I got the concept so well, but I hacked away at this for a while...I was really happy with the outcome~ That and I'm PREEEETTY sure that's the best tree that I have EVER drawn.


Room Drawings:
Theeese. Oh theeseee. I was shaking in my boots at this drawings....and in the end the figure is still kinda wonky...but overall the effort is there~

 Personal Work:
There are two more and a sketchbook....but I don't know where the other two went....and I don't want to scan them right now. Nothing too eventful~

Aaaand finally my scooore waaas:
Looks like I'll need more work...but at the very least I made it. Thank you for everyone who helped me with all that I was struggling with. I am eternally grateful.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mobile Updates

Hey one and all~ don't know if anyone is waiting for these but I have some regardless and what not so here~

my wolf sculpture created for class is finally done and boy did it take forever and a half. I mean just sitting there working with the figure and all the research it took... In the end I think it was worth it.

Second is just... Well something I'm a little proud of, the first time I've ever been in a painting show case... Since painting isn't my strong suit I was really happy.