Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WIP, and Multi Media Things~

 Heyo again~ This is the most updates that I've done in a while~ I just deicded to clear out some of my memory card and lo and behold some art work popped up~

This was a birthday gift for my fellow artist GREEN or Krista. I had just seen Wreck it Ralph and she had been telling me about just how much she loved it, so I did my best to Make her a plushie of herself in Sugar Rush. Her candy is the green and white gummy frogs~


These are some cards that I designed for my best friends at Christmas. I wanted to go for a goddess like feel, something elegant and pretty and this is what I ended up making. Each of their powers is a component of winter and they each come with a legend that I personally wrote.

A while ago, I did a commission for a poster for a wedding anniversary of this couple who owns a little Italian place called Mondello's in Streetsville. They ended up framing it and hanging it right in the bar. I was so excited when I got a chance to see work was good enough to be framed. I felt so proud. They use it now as their icon for their social media as well~ How amazing~

Dragon WIP
I decided I wanted a pet baby dragon so here is me working on him so far~

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  1. awesome post, that dragon is looking great :)