Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Little Wabbit

Hello Hello people who look at my work~

I've been a little lax with updating things....but since summer is coming up, I'll have more time~ I'm still always doodling always creating work... and still being me~

Here's my final sculpture project, hopefully it will tide you over for a little while~!

I learned a lot from doing this project...about myself and about my life... and so... it was really to put my heart and soul into it. A lot of people have told me its a little bit twisted actually, that someone like me would make someone like this....but I dunno it just worked~

We had to have a personal meaning for this. Its a statement about childhood, and I made it black and white to make it nostalgic.... like an old grainy movie.

When we get older, those times that we had as a kid.... well...they fade. When we get older, everything but the present gets fuzzy and recedes into the background...and in essence we kind of choose to tear them apart, and they die. We used to live and breathe in things like stuffed animals or action figures....or "silly" things like that but in the end they come to this.

I suppose I made it so I could remind myself that I never want to be like that. Ever.


More updates to come~


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