Sunday, 1 April 2012

And so it was Said...

Hello Hello again one and all~ I bring another update for ye....I've been doing a lot of work with my friend... i figured that if I'm not in animation, I am going to work with my best friend on her series Scarbound. So here is another update on my Geek god Character Sketches...I hope that they are all to your liking...i know that I really enjoyed making them considering that I need a significant distraction from my disappointment. So here it is~

Yeaaaah still no why as to why they are all nakie and what not...but I really like it so far...umm there is no significance to the the bottom three being larger....just poor sizing on my part.

1 comment:

  1. Hey your proportions have skyrocketed since I last saw your work! On constructive note, I'd include some sharp edges in your people,(like exaggerate the elbow pints, hip bends and whatnot) especially the dudes (ya know, jagged and tough?) I think that will give them more solidity. Good luck with this project, looks like it'll be a ton of fun. Also a fun reference for you: This girl draws amazing manga styled greek mythology comics and the characters and stories are quite shmexy. I think you could find this useful, for like costume research and whatnot.
    Keep up the good work, lovin it!