Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Doodling and the What Not~

Hello Hello one and all~

I bring updates~ I'll bet you thought I was dead....well not not really but haha~ Anyway, I'm in a little bit of a melancholy mood but here is le art...for le posting. I've been practicing a lot with my tablet lately, and I'd like to believe that I've gotten better...which is nice....but I still need to work on that patience things huh?

In any case, I was inspired to do a piece of my best friend =3

Fairly simple...and really nothing more than a simple background....i like to believe that I've gotten much better than before

LE GASP what is this? That's right its me working on my animation I decided to try and do everything early this everything right I guess. This time I'll be done with plenty of time to look over everything like15,000 fold. I need this more than anything. In any case~ this is Paul: The Mundane Working Bear. Just a few quick sketches. Paul is the embodiment of everything I hate about work, he hates his job, he's stuck in middle class and his company allows no room for basically his life sucks....I've been feeling run down lately and I suppose Paul is the embodiment of everything I do not want to lets see how this goes~

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