Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Photoshopz + Sketchbook

Hello hello people who just so happen to be looking at this blog~
I bring forth updates of the photoshop variety....sorry Im not so consistant but I hope you know I have been loyally drawing and what not. So on and so forth~ I bring birthday stuff~ Damn a lot of people are born in summer...but I also bring forth a request~ So huzzuh and let the boring talking stop and the posting of pictures begin~

AAAAND that is all for photoshop. i've been drawing in sktechbooks a lot lately, but unfortunately the sizes are much to big for my printer, until this recent one... here are the first five pages of my new work...I've been trying to understand people more and more. I've often been told that i am creepy for drawing people on the bus...but in all honesty I forget that it is weird at all....they're  not particularly long sketches or anything but....just more and more practice. A lot more lately I am unsure of why I draw, I just do...and I want to do it right. There are far too many times in my life where I think "I could've drawn that, but I'm not good enough yet" and I don't want that ever to be a reason. With my new resolve to be in animation... i hope I can actually make it this time...and sketchbooks are small beginnings...but hopefully I'll get something down right?


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