Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ermrgerrrrddd urrpdeerrrts.

Q: Daffy, Do you even do art any more?

A: Absolutely. I'm just horrifically horrible at uploading work I've done because almost none of it is digital. So, for all of you wondering why I even have a blog I bring a ridiculous amount of uploads mostly containing rough work like life drawing and what not. So I hope that you enjoy. I certainly tried to enjoy cropping everything down.

So here is a series of work that I've done, soon hopefully followed by my sketchbook work. Lets see how this uploading thing goes. I should be alright.


Gesture 1 Minute:

Gesture 2-5 Minute:

Gesture 10-15 Minute:

All in all a hearty gathering. I think I've learned a universal artist truth. For every 200 or so drawings that you make... only about 5 of them will be good. I hope that some how in some way that these were worth the wait (had you been waiting!) Please feel free to critique.

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