Friday, 16 November 2012

Proof That I Still Draw and Shameless Fangirlism.

No Life Drawing updates this week, but I gotta keep you waiting for something don't I?

This week I bring you proof that I am no lazy slacker when it comes to actually drawing. Instead, to counter act this form of lazy, I am frustraitingly lazy at updating my work. Hopefully that is no more. I have sketchies from my sketchbook, and for those of you who have already seen it, I bring colored versions of my sketchy sketchy work. I hope that you enjoy some how. Please somehow find it within your gentle hearts to forgive the poor angles of almost all of these sketches.

My scanner and I are at ends right now. We are not on speaking terms since I started seeing my camera.

Random Studies:

I'm a big fan of the fourth page... with a drawing in the bottom right. It looks like she's about to back hand someone. I found that pretty amusing. 

Random Sketchies:

Ridiculously Shameless Fangirlism:
If you don't know who this is, it is my civil duty to tell you. This is Taisei Tachibana of the webcomic Sakana (魚) which is probably one of the most amazing web comic I have ever read. And even before I stated reading this, I was adoring the style of the artist. So here are images of a character who looks suspiciously like me, spending time with the ridiculously cool Taisei Tachibana. Excuse me while I fan myself.

Rights to Taisei go to: Mad (an absolutely stunning artist)

Fan Stills of Loving Something Too Much to Part With It:

On my 21st birthday I was fortunate enough to receive an amazing gift for my very best friend. She had written me an 85 page story....with an astounding plot written in 5 different ways. One written as a script, one writen as a novel, one written as a Celtic poem, and the last written like well a story. These five chapters were a sequel to my favorite story she has ever written me, a lovely story called: At the Hand of Love. Here are some of the characters that appear, there are more to come of this:

Timothy Starr and Audry.

Guinevere and Konstantin.

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